Uploaded: July 2023
BBC Puppet Show: Marianna Spring

BBC Puppet Show starring Marianna "Jack-in-the-box" Spring!

WARNING: The soundtrack is "Jack-in-the Box" by Clodaugh Rodgers. It is a hideous ear-worm.

Uploaded: January 2023
Recovery Begins with Non-Compliance

They want to bring back muzzles - Now is the time to draw your line in the sand.
Thanks to Bob Moran for the New Year Cartoon.

And to John Shuttleworth for the punchline (taken completely out of context, sorry John!)

Uploaded: January 2022
BBC Radio 4: Today Programme:
Interviewee says something she oughtn't

A snippet from the Today Programme, Radio 4, 7th January 2022. An interview about the Djokovic situation with Carol Shanahan and Tanni Grey-Thompson in which Shanahan lets slip a comment about Covid jab "heart attacks and deaths" in footballers. The line cuts out.